Tattoo Artist

Riot is a lady of mystery as her name suggests. Some say she was raised by wolves, (no joke). Others says she grew up in Modesto CA and Anaheim CA.

Riot began her tattoo apprenticeship at the tender age of 18, in Modesto CA, staying at that shop for 18 months before moving to Tuolumne CA and a shop there, for 3 years. A move to a second shop in Tuolumne followed, where she remained for 2 years before heading back to Modesto for a further 5 years. Then it was on to a shop in in Orange County CA,  for 2 years and a shop in San Francisco for 1 year; The life of a tattoo artist can be very transitory.

Riot moved to Las Vegas in 2012 and worked at several shops before landing at LV Tattoo in October 2019.

And we are just delighted to have her; her vast depth of knowledge and quiet nature, (despite the name) is a welcome asset to our team, not to mention her work is exemplary as you would imagine from someone so experienced.

Riot likes to perform and create all tattoo styles and does not particularly specialize in one, to put it bluntly she just loves to tattoo.

Though she is very much a lover and protagonist of really precise work, she is nostalgic about Flash and how little that is utilized in the modern day world of tattooing.

Riot loves catering to the tourist clients that frequent Fremont St, watching everyone enjoying themselves and feels that Fremont St Experience is a unique place.

One can feel very assured and comfortable if Riot is creating your tattoo.