Glo Foxx

Tattoo Artist

Glo Foxx is a true artist filled with wanderlust. Her journey can be traced back to the late 90’s in her youth where she began to follow the punk rock scene. Her love of all kinds of music, the arts and boredom of the mundane “normal” life shifted her desire for med school into a path immersed in the tattoo world.

 She started her tattoo career at 17 in a very busy, locally owned street shop in the heart of Vegas. It was there she was blessed to work alongside some amazing “old timers” as she calls them. 

 Glo has journeyed in and out of shops as she and her family traveled gleaning from all the artists she worked alongside. After several years of tattooing all styles of tattoos, glo has begun shifting to heavy blackwork, black traditional and dark art with her own artistic flairs of minimal color, floral and ornamental tribal. She will surprise you with pops of other styles here and there. 

“Vegas is a great spot for my clients to visit me and a wonderful home base for my family and I to grow some roots as I continue to travel the world and tattoo.”