J Lew

Tattoo Artist

I started my tattoo journey in the San Francisco Bay area in 1992 and then moved to Los Angeles And begin tattooing in Hollywood I moved back to the Bay area for a few years I worked in Berkeley and in Sacramento Then returned to Los Angeles in 1998 Working in the San Fernando Valley then back to Hollywood And decided to work in San Diego For a while at 1 of our other shops, And was asked to go work in Italy so off I went to Italy for 3 years there’s and Switzerland for a while Then hopped over to London for a year and a half. Then returned back to Hollywood, and Santa Clarita for a couple of years Then opened up my own shop in North Hollywood for some years. I returned to the Bay area for a couple of years, and now I am here in Las Vegas, I am known as a celebrity tattoo artist, and also I have tattooed many rock stars, & actors in my years. I have been blessed to meet very interesting people of all types, and it has been amazing getting to know all of you, My styles consist of realism fantasy fine line Bio and mechanical, I enjoy doing flowers and intricate color work also I enjoy doing black & Gray, and neo-traditional.